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Rotten Apples in China: Apple Inc. removed all virtual private network (VPN) apps from its App Store serving China. This will reduce options for Chinese users to evade censorship and avoid restrictions on internet freedom. About this photo: Apple graffiti in Beijing, China. Photo credit: Filippo Minelli / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

Kochs Back GOP’s Next Push

Trump Kills Obama’s Fracking Rule ; Las Vegas Hackerthon Targets Voting Machines ... and More Picks

Trump Kills Obama’s Fracking Rule ; Las Vegas Hackerthon Targets Voting Machines ...and More Picks for 7/31

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What Trump Did Last Week that MIssed Headlines (Dan)

Here’s a tidbit: Obama’s fracking rule is now dead.

Koch Brothers Move to Back White House Tax Cut Plan (Jimmy)

The author writes, “Two gatherings in Washington this week mark the start of the push, and the network of conservative advocacy groups controlled by the Kochs has already lined up events in 36 states to make sure members of Congress hear the call for lower taxes when they’re home for their August recess.”

Hackers Invited to Attack Voting Machines (Reader Steve)

Last week’s Defcon challenge invited hackers to penetrate voting machines. Why? Election officials are worried about vulnerabilities in the US voting system. As well as new ways to ensure election security.

New Chief of Staff’s Daunting Task: Stabilize the West Wing (Dan)

Trump’s removal of Reince Priebus and appointment of retired Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly is an interesting one. Mostly because Kelly comes with plaudits from a range of establishment figures.



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