Targeting Swing States: A study  of over 7 million tweets by Oxford University suggests fake news was targeted at residents in swing states. Provocateur accounts pretending to represent various points of view sought to use disinformation to sow dissent and influence voters.  Photo credit: Thomas Hawk / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Ken Burn’s Vietnam Failure

Argentina Activist Disappears ; The Media Fell For Trump Tax Plan ...and More Picks

Argentina Activist Disappears ; The Media Fell For Trump Tax Plan ...and More Picks for 9/29

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Argentina Obsessed with Activist’s Disappearance (Trevin)

Newspapers, T-shirts, and murals across the country over the past two months have asked the question: “Where is Santiago Maldonado?” Most think he was “disappeared” by the government — a haunting reminder of the 1970s and ’80s when thousands of Argentinians opposing the ruling military dictatorship were arrested, tortured and murdered.

Media Misinterprets Trump Tax Plan (Reader Steve)

The media fell for promises, not the reality. Then sold it to us.

Spain’s Catalonia Mess (Dan)

Need a road map on the Catalonia referendum mess in Spain? Give this article a read.

Why ‘All Sides’ Approach in Ken Burns Vietnam War Documentary Fails (Jimmy)

The author writes that the film is “long on personal perspectives and documentary evidence of the chronological evolution, but short on broader conclusions about American foreign policy, or any real condemnation of the indescribable cruelty and dishonesty among policymakers who orchestrated it.”

North Dakota Accepts $15m Donation from Pipeline Company (Jimmy)

According to this site, “The Governor’s office announced they will accept a $15 million donation from Dakota Access LLC. The money will go to the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services (DES) to help deal with debt brought on as a result of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.”


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