Chinese troops march into Tiananmen Square
Today marks the beginning of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, as Chinese leaders met to finalize orders for the enforcement of martial law.  About this photo: Chinese PLA troops make their march toward Tiananmen Square on June 3, 1989. Photo credit: Robert Croma / Flickr

June 3

Sanders Blasts Media Avoiding Climate Change/Green Power Takes Over/Sugar Daddies and Student Loans, and More Picks

Sanders Blasts Media Avoiding Climate Change/Green Power Takes Over/Sugar Daddies and Student Loans, and More Picks

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Ohio Purges Voter Rolls (Klaus)

Ohio, which is once again expected to play a crucial role in the presidential election, has purged hundreds of thousands of voters from the rolls because they had not voted since 2008.

Sanders Lays Into Media for Avoiding Climate Change (Russ)

As this narrative shows, all they want is to ask him about the horse race. And he pushes back.

Report: Global Economy Caught In Vicious Cycle Of Low Growth (Jeff C.)

On the heels of yet another downwardly revised growth forecast by the International Monetary Fund, the global economy’s extended period of sluggishness has fostered “a “self-fulfilling … trap,” according to OECD chief economist Catherine Mann.

The House Members & Candidates Who Got Most Wall Street Money (Russ)

These five are from both parties — they’re listed here — and one wonders what exactly Big Finance will be getting in return.

Green Power Is Thriving Around the World (Milicent)

Investment in renewable sources of energy – solar, wind, and hydropower — reached $286 billion worldwide in 2015, as more and more countries are preferring renewables. They are now “cost competitive” with fossil fuels. China, US, Japan, UK, and India added on the largest share of green power. And, for the first time, developing countries outspent the richer nations on renewables.

Sugar Daddies and Student loans: The Rise of Soft Prostitution (Jeff C.)

A satirical look at a serious phenomenon where “market exchange” plays out over at “No, this is not a joke, this is big business and makes $10 million a year in revenue.”

King Tut had a Dagger Made from Metal of ‘Extraterrestrial Origin’ (Trevin)

A new study shows that a dagger entombed with the young king was made of metal “mined from a meteorite.”

Obama Invokes Syria and Libya as Success Stories While Warning Against Isolation (Dan)

While noting the ‘day after’ mistake, Obama still sees some benefit in intervention.


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