Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger
On June 27 2007, Tony Blair Prime Minister of the United Kingdom tenders his resignation.  When casualties of the Iraq War mounted, he was accused of misleading Parliament, his popularity dramatically dropped, finally tendering his resignation on June 27th. In this photo: Tony Blair and Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger talk at the 50th Munich Security Conference 2014.  Photo credit: Tobias Kleinschmidt / Wikimedia

June 27

European Leaders Rethink the EU, What US Immigration Really Means, Examining the Buying and Selling of Guns, and More Picks

European Leaders Rethink the EU, What US Immigration Really Means, Examining the Buying and Selling of Guns, and More Picks

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Majority (If Not All) of US Supreme Court Justices are Millionaires (Trevin)

And if appointed, Obama’s nominee to fill the Scalia vacancy, Merrick Garland, would be the richest SCOTUS member.

Trump’s EU Flip-Flop (Gerry)

The Donald was for EU-style “economic community” before he was against it. That was three years ago.

The 2020 Census and the Re-Indigenization of America (Russ)

It seems people are looking at the immigration story the wrong way. It isn’t that the US is being overrun by “foreigners.” It’s that it is reverting back to the way it used to look.

Obama Administration Approved Gulf Fracking During Deepwater Horizon Disaster (Reader Pat)

Fracking permits were approved as millions of gallons of oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico.

France, Germany, and Founding Members Imagine ‘New EU’ (Dan)

Brexit has caused almost everyone to question the EU. Including the leaders. “The EU needs to take back its identity”, Italian PM Matteo Renzi wrote in an op-ed, “this is an interesting opportunity to relaunch the European project.” Renzi, along with other EU-member state leaders, voiced that change would come with a switch from “debt reduction” (i.e. austerity measures).

Hawaii Becomes First State to Put Gun Owners in FBI Database (Jeff C.)

Hawaii Governor David Ige signed a bill last week that enables police to enroll firearms applicants and individuals who are registering their firearms into “Rap Back,” a Federal Bureau of Investigation database

A Close Look at the Business of Buying and Selling Guns (Russ)

More American civilians have been felled by gunfire than all the American soldiers who died in World War II combat. Here’s detail on the business behind the bloodshed.

‘Unleash the Power Within’ Sends 5 to Hospital (Jeff C.)

In a metaphor for a world that increasingly needs a consistent reminder that actions have consequences,  five people at a Tony Robbins event had to be hospitalized for burns after walking across hot coals. All attending the three-day program were advised “you’ll conquer the other fires of your life with ease.”


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