Ocean, Plastic
Photo of the Day: Individuals and organizations across the planet are taking action to prevent plastic pollution in our oceans. About this photo: Mystery of ocean garbage partially solved, but questions remain.  Photo credit: Day Donaldson / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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The Giant Health Care Merger You Didn’t Know About (Russ)

Very troubling situation, where money, lack of transparency, and the usual villains, play a big role.

Netanyahu in Africa (Dan)

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu heads to Africa to make friends and win over U.N. votes. Israel used to be an emblem of hope for post-colonial African nations, until the rights of Palestinians began to be trampled.

Why Isn’t the NRA Stepping Up to Defend Alton Sterling and Philando Castile? (Trevin)

They were both shot while carrying guns, but the NRA doesn’t seem concerned.

Inside Immigration Detention Centers (Reader Russ Kick)

Photos inside border patrol detention centers. Not the easiest to stomach.

Brazil House Member Who Helped Oust Former President Dilma Rousseff to Step Down (Dan)

The Brazilian government seems a big pot of corruption. House speaker Eduardo Cuhna, who is facing bribery charges, is just the latest of politicians ousted.

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