Valerie Plame
On July 14, 2003 Washington Post journalist Robert Novak reveals that Valerie Plame, wife of U.S. Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, as a covert Central Intelligence Agency officer.  Wilson had published a July 2003 op-ed in The New York Times critical of the the 2003 invasion of Iraq.  About this photo: Panelists Include Washington Post Leonard Downie, center, former CIA intelligence officer Valerie Plame Wilson, second from right as they discuss covering anonymous sources in today's climate.  Photo credit: Ben Welsh / Flickr

July 14

‘Stingray’ Evidence Thrown Out, NBCUniversal Exec Denied Entry into Russia, South Koreans Protest US Missile System, and More Picks

‘Stingray’ Evidence Thrown Out, NBCUniversal Exec Denied Entry into Russia, South Koreans Protest US Missile System, and More Picks

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Chrysler Launches Detroit’s First ‘Bug Bounty’ for Hackers (Trevin)

After last year’s hacker demo on a Jeep Cherokee that resulted in a 1.4-million vehicle recall, the company is now paying “bounties” of up to $1,500 for alerts to hackable flaws in order to make their vehicles safer.

Jill Stein is Not Happy About Bernie Sanders’ Endorsement of Hillary (Dan)

“Many Berning Hearts are Breaking Right Now”, the Green Party’s Presidential nominee said in one of many Tweets.

Judge Throws Out ‘Stingray’ Evidence for First Time (Klaus)

A U.S. district judge in New York threw out evidence for the first time that was obtained by using the controversial “stingray” technology, which allows law enforcement to locate cell phones without a warrant.

South Koreans Protest New US Missile Defense System ‘THAAD’ (Dan)

US is constructing a new missile defense system that would protect South Korea against threats from North Korea and China. Predictably, North Korea and China are not happy.  However, neither are the people of South Korea, who fear the system will only raise tension.

NBCUniversal Exec Denied Entry into Russia (Dan)

Jeff Shell, who is also the chairman of CIA-linked Radio Free Europe and Voice of America, was denied entry into the country. His passport was also taken and not returned until reaching Denmark on the return flight to the US.

The 406 Times Hillary Nodded During the Sanders Endorsement (Dan)

Bloomberg decided to count the number of nods by Hillary during the Sanders endorsement. How would the media portray this in, say, Russia?


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