California's Criminal Cops ; How the US Betrayed the Marshall Islands ; and More Picks 11/11

California’s Criminal Cops (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “More than 80 law enforcement officers working today in California are convicted criminals, with rap sheets that include everything from animal cruelty to manslaughter. They drove drunk, cheated on timecards, brutalized family members, even killed others with their recklessness on the road. But thanks to some of the weakest laws in the country for punishing police misconduct, the Golden State does nothing to stop these officers from enforcing the law.”

Iran Discovers New Oil Field With Over 50 Billion Barrels (Reader Steve)

From Mercury News: “Iran has discovered a new oil field in the country’s south with over 50 billion barrels of crude, its president said Sunday, a find that could boost the country’s proven reserves by a third as it struggles to sell energy abroad over U.S. sanctions. The announcement by Hassan Rouhani comes as Iran faces crushing American sanctions after the U.S. pulled out of its nuclear deal with world powers last year.”

How the US Betrayed the Marshall Islands, Kindling the Next Nuclear Disaster (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “Here in the Marshall Islands, Runit Dome holds more than 3.1 million cubic feet — or 35 Olympic-sized swimming pools — of U.S.-produced radioactive soil and debris, including lethal amounts of plutonium. … Now the concrete coffin, which locals call ‘the Tomb,’ is at risk of collapsing from rising seas and other effects of climate change. … Officials in the Marshall Islands have lobbied the U.S. government for help, but American officials have declined, saying the dome is on Marshallese land and therefore the responsibility of the Marshallese government.”

Fixating on ‘Cancel Culture’ in an Age of Transphobia (Chris)

From the New Republic: “Articles about ‘canceled’ or ‘provocative’ writers rarely focus on the people they’ve harmed.”

Lost Pup Turns Out to Be a Rare Purebred Dingo (Chris)

The author writes, “He’s furry, playful, and has puppy eyes. It’s little wonder Wandi was mistaken for a dog when he was found in an Australian backyard — but DNA testing has confirmed he’s a rare 100% dingo. The pup was discovered whimpering and alone … with talon marks on his back, leading to speculation it could have been dropped by a large bird of prey.”


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