dust storm, Gilbert, Arizona
Dust Bowl 2017? According to NOAA, the incidents of dust storms in Southwest states have more than doubled in the 2000s compared to the 1990s. Dry conditions are attributed to changes in surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean that cause cooler and drier northerly winds from the North Pacific to blow over the Southwest. Photo credit: Joseph Plotz / NWS / NOAA

Iran Leaves PetroDollar

Trump to Keep US Embassy in Tel Aviv (For Now) ; The Cost of Climate Change for Millennials ...and More Picks

Trump to Keep US Embassy in Tel Aviv (For Now) ; The Cost of Climate Change for Millennials ...and More Picks for 6/2

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Iran Breaks Free From PetroDollar (Jeff C.)

In signing a new oil deal with Russia, in which it will barter crude in exchange for goods, Iran has figured out a way to bypass the world’s reserve currency.

Market Crash Imminent? These Finance Experts Think So (Jeff C.)

This author chronicles the statements of five highly respected financial analysts, and their sentiment is clear: The stock market is absurdly inflated, and set to pop as soon as this autumn. Of course, they could be wrong, but it’s hard to argue against the fact that the amount of risk investors face right now is alarmingly high.

Trump to Keep US Embassy in Tel Aviv, for the Moment (Dan)

Officials note that this does not mark a change in policy and, in so many words, there is still time to make the move.

Analysis: Climate Change Will Cost Millennials $8.8 Trillion (Trevin)

But with enough “political will,” it has “potential to be a source of innovation and social transition.”

Security Contractor Expands in US Market: Targets Protestors as Terrorists (DH)

According to leaked documents, TigerSwan, an international security contractor was hired by the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline to spy on, discredit and disrupt the peaceful protest of the project. The firm is working with police in at least five states.

Why Picking Your Nose May Be…Good? (Russ)

Reasoning is the belief that the bacteria contained in ‘boogers’ may actually strengthen our immune systems.

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