The Terrifying Science Behind the Locust Plagues of Africa ; How Your Nightcap Could Be Aging Your Brain ; and More Picks 2/6

Indigenous Tribes Are at the Forefront of Climate Change Planning in the US (Mili) 

From Grist: “According to a database maintained by the University of Oregon, at least 50 tribes across the U.S. have assessed climate risks and developed plans to tackle them. With more than 570 federally recognized tribes controlling 50 million combined acres, these adaptation plans could prove a crucial element in building resilient communities that can thrive despite weather-related catastrophes and changes to the natural environment.”

LAPD Scandal Opens Window Into California’s Secret Gang Database (Chris)

The author writes, “The ongoing LAPD scandal, in which at least 20 officers are suspected of falsifying information used to identify gang members, will likely play a central role as [state Atty. Gen. Xavier] Becerra works to finalize … reforms by summer.”

The Terrifying Science Behind the Locust Plagues of Africa (Chris)

The author writes, “With hundreds of billions of locusts tearing through farmland, it’s the worst outbreak to strike the region in decades.”

GOP Sends CA Fundraising Letter Resembling Census Document (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “This is not the first time that Republicans have sent out mailers that look like official census documents, although this time the documents are hitting mailboxes just weeks before the federal government plans to begin sending notices inviting people to participate in the 2020 U.S. Census.”

How Your Nightcap Could Be Aging Your Brain (Mili)

From Men’s Journal: “Researchers … found a strong correlation between increased brain age and daily drinking and smoking. In fact, those who drank daily or almost daily showed an average relative brain age 0.4 years older than those who never drank — or drank up to three to four times a week.”

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