Sergei Lavrov, Donald Trump, Sergey Kislyak
In the News: President Trump met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak (right), Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (left), and other Russian functionaries in the White House yesterday as the nation recoiled from the shock of the Comey firing. Members of the US press were not allowed in the room, but Russian reporters were. Russian President Putin requested this somewhat unusual meeting in his most recent call with President Trump. Photo credit: MID Rossii / Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Intolerant Liberals?

AG Jeff Sessions Aims for Harsher Drug Crime Sentencing ; Big Data, Billionaires and Populism ...and More Picks

AG Jeff Sessions Aims for Harsher Drug Crime Sentencing ; Big Data, Billionaires and Populism ...and More Picks for 5/12

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Jeff Sessions Wants Max Sentences for Drug Offenders (Jimmy)

Sadie Gurman writes, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions is directing federal prosecutors to pursue the most serious charges possible against the vast majority of suspects, a reversal of Obama-era policies that is sure to send more people to prison and for much longer terms.”

Intolerant Liberals? (Russ)

This article should come as no surprise.

Nature Video Demonstrates the Beauty of Simplicity (Milicent)

What would happen if you stuck a bucket of water outside in the desert?  John Wells—who runs a sustainable living laboratory in southwest Texas—did just that. And he hid a camera at the bottom of the bucket. The result is a bouquet of quiet, delightful little surprises.

Big Data, Billionaires, and Populism (Reader Steve)

A new report examines how populists forces were made to appear the determining factor in outcomes for Brexit and 2016 US Presidential election. In reality, the article claims, it was someone else pulling the strings.

Iran’s Elections Remember Past Transgressions (Dan)

Past crimes haunt the upcoming general election.


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