Coptic Egypt
In the News: After dozens were killed in ISIS attacks at two Coptic Christian churches on Palm Sunday, Egypt's Cabinet announced a three-month state of emergency designed to help authorities eliminate the terror network. Recently, Coptic churches and homes have been set on fire and members of the religious minority have been physically attacked and their property looted. Coptic Christians make up 10% of Egypt's population and base their theology on the teaching of the apostle Mark who brought Christianity to Egypt. About this photo: Coptic Monk in the Syrian Monastery located 100km northwest of Cairo, Egypt. Photo credit: Mark Fischer / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Illusion of Peace for Millennials

Dems Promise to Get Rid of ‘Nuclear Option’ ; How Bannon Got to the White House ...and More Picks

Dems Promise to Get Rid of ‘Nuclear Option’ ; How Bannon Got to the White House ...and More Picks for 4/11

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Dem Senator Promises to Reinstate 60-Vote Threshold (Dan)

If Democrats again become the majority in the Senate, Senator Ed Markey promises they will reinstate the 60-vote threshold, rather than embrace the ‘nuclear option’, for Supreme Court justice nominees.

West African Migrants Being ‘Sold in Libyan Slave Markets’ (Jimmy)

Slave markets and private prisons can be added to the list of atrocities playing out in post-Gaddafi Libya.

How Bannon Got to the White House (Russ)

Interested in the man behind the legend? Read this.

Challenge for Millennials: They’ve Never Known Peace (Jimmy)

Starting a peace movement is hard. Especially if all your life the US has been at war overseas. And unlike the days of the draft, now less that 1% of US citizens serve in the all volunteer military.

Trump Admin Keeps Focus on Russia Amidst Syria Campaign (Dan)

Various members from Trump’s administration, not just UN ambassador Nikki Haley, questioned Russia’s commitment to Assad and if the country is really against chemical weapons use.

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