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Senior Adviser Jared Kushner. Photo credit: US Department of State / Wikimedia

Ignoring Puerto Rico

ICE Gets More Powerful ; The Problem with Lithium Batteries ...and More Picks

ICE Gets More Powerful ; The Problem with Lithium Batteries ...and More Picks for 9/26

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Lithium-Ion Battery Production Surging … but … (Jeff C.)

Though an explosion in EVs and energy storage will allow countries to rely on less carbon-intensive energy, the extraction of essential ingredients to make cost-effective lithium-ion batteries generally leaves environmental and human devastation in its wake.

Sunday Political Talk Shows Barely Cover Devastation in Puerto Rico (Jimmy)

According to this blog, “The entire island is without power, a dam is in danger of bursting, and Sunday political talk shows talked about it for less than a minute.”

Fight Erupts Over Training Hours for Pilots (Jimmy)

The author writes, “A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) panel recommended last week that the government cut back dozens of aviation regulations, while a top Senate Republican is leading a charge to ease pilot training requirements. The industry has long pushed for some of the rule changes.”

ICE Enforcement Gets More Powerful (Dan)

Parts of the Trump administration’s “Sanctuary Cities” order has passed. If Texas law enforcement does not comply with the law, officers can be arrested.


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