NRA Beset by Infighting ; US Considers Housing Migrant Children at Guantánamo ; and More Picks 4/25

Oil Hits High for Year on Iran Sanctions (Jeff C.)

With the US announcing that waivers on Iran sanctions will be left to fully expire, global oil prices rose to a new high for 2019. It’s another step in the “maximum pressure” strategy on Tehran, one that raises economic and geopolitical tensions with Brent price up to $74 per barrel.

Ocean Species Are Disappearing Faster Than Those on Land (Mili)

From National Geographic: “While previous research has suggested warm-blooded animals are better at adapting to climate change than cold-blooded ones, [a new] study punctuates the special risk for sea creatures. As the oceans continue to absorb heat trapped in the atmosphere from carbon dioxide pollution, bringing waters to their warmest point in decades, undersea denizens don’t have the luxury of ducking into a shady spot or a burrow.”

NRA Beset by Infighting Over Whether It Has Strayed Too Far (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “The strife is expected to be a dominant topic of conversation at the convention starting Thursday in Indianapolis, where President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will address the crowd on Friday.”

US Considering Housing Migrant Children at Guantánamo (Chris)

The author writes, “the proposal has not gained much traction so far, with officials telling the New York Times that the idea has been less ideal because of the optics involved with housing children right next to terrorism suspects in the notorious American prison.”

The Machine That Reads Your Mind (Kinda) and Talks (Sorta) (Chris)

From Wired: “How to translate an inner monologue to out-loud speech? [Edward] Chang’s group does it in two steps. First they use a machine-learning algorithm to sync up their recordings of the motor cortex as a person’s mouth moves with the acoustics of the words that movement produces. They use this to train a virtual mouth…”

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