US Court Denies Maduro Control of Citgo ; Fireflies Are Dying Out ; and More Picks 8/6

If You Thought the Cambridge Analytica Scandal Was Big, Wait Till You See This (Chris)

From the Canary: “Hacktivists have exposed the workings of a little known UK-based organisation [called the ‘Integrity Intitiative’] that specialises in covert propaganda and psyops (psychological operations) across Europe and far beyond. Further investigations, meanwhile, reveal how the organisation has some high-powered backers, going right to the heart of [the UK] government.”

This Tool Lets You See Facebook’s Targeted Political Ads All Over the World (Chris)

The author writes, “Facebook has failed to be fully transparent with data concerning political advertising, so two researchers collected the data themselves.”

‘I Didn’t Know Where to Look For Him’: ICE Ships Kids Across the Country (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “The case of a 17-year-old sheds light on a corner of the immigration system that uses a few juvenile jails nationwide … to hold kids deemed a ‘public safety or national security threat.’”

US Court Sides With Venezuela’s Opposition in Battle Over Citgo’s Leadership (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro’s efforts to regain control of Citgo Petroleum were set back after a Delaware judge denied Maduro’s authority to appoint the leadership of the Houston refiner.”

Fireflies Are Dying Out Because People Are Destroying Their Habitats (Mili)

From USA Today: “Firefly researchers and advocates say the insect is on the decline as more and more of its habitats are consumed by development.”

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