When Will Life Return to Normal From COVID-19? ; What Kind of Society Values Property Over Black Lives? ; and More Picks 6/22

Tulsa Motel Guard’s Deadly Encounter With Guest Raises Issues (Russ)

The authors write, “The private security industry across the country grants guards similar authority to that of law enforcement officers, but offers little oversight. In some states, including Oklahoma, armed guards are not mandated to report use of force unless it involves a firearm, are not scrutinized for their past work in law enforcement and are allowed to remain on the job after being charged with serious crimes.”

Iceland Now Feels Like the Coronavirus Never Happened (Russ)

From CNN: “The bars and restaurants are full. People are out enjoying themselves. Spectacular geological attractions are wide open to tourists. … Thanks to a rigorous regime of tracking and tracing, [COVID-19] has more or less been eliminated.”

When Will Life Return to Normal From COVID-19? (Judy)

The author writes, “[A] recent survey of 511 epidemiologists and infectious disease experts from the US and Canada [asked] how long it is expected to take before things can return to the status quo.”

Mystery of Antarctica’s Record Drop in Sea Ice Has Been Solved (Mili)

The author writes, “New findings published in Geophysical Research Letters show the likely cause of the abnormal conditions were intense, warm winds, which also helped usher in powerful storms that wiped out icepack. The results could help researchers refine their understanding of what the future holds, as temperatures rise and further destroy ice and the ecosystems it supports.”

The Romanian Orphans Are Adults Now (Bethany)

The author writes, “30 years ago, Romania deprived thousands of babies of human contact. Here’s what’s become of them.”

What Kind of Society Values Property Over Black Lives? (Chris C.)

From the New York Times: “I found it ironic that the New York Stock Exchange went silent for 8 minutes 46 seconds during George Floyd’s funeral, even though Wall Street has profited from police misconduct. Cities and counties sometimes have to issue bonds to pay out these settlements; banks collect fees for their services and investors earn interest.”

Burglars Steal $60K of Saffron in London Spice Heist (Dana)

The author writes, “London police have released CCTV footage of two burglars breaking into a warehouse in Ilford, sneaking away with 22 pounds of saffron — a spice, they say is ‘worth more than its weight in gold.’ The spice is so expensive ‘due in part to its labor-intensive harvesting method.’”

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