Who Gets Forgotten in a Pandemic? ; Dead Sea Scrolls at the Museum of the Bible Are All Forgeries ; and More Picks 3/16

Federal Vaccine Development Sites Ill-Suited to Counter COVID-19 Epidemic (Reader Pat)

From the Washington Post: “Nearly a decade ago, the U.S. government invested heavily in four sprawling facilities that officials said could rapidly make vaccines and other lifesaving medicines if America were struck by an outbreak of infectious disease or a biological attack. But as the nation confronts the coronavirus pandemic, none of the sites — located in Florida, Maryland, North Carolina and Texas — have developed or are close to delivering medicines to counter the outbreak … Instead of leading the rush to find and mass manufacture a vaccine or lifesaving treatment, two of the sites are taking no role, while the other two expect to conduct small-scale testing of potential coronavirus vaccines.

A Seattle Lab Uncovered Seattle’s COVID-19 Outbreak Only After Defying Federal Regulators (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “In Seattle, Dr. Helen Chu, an infectious disease expert who was part of an ongoing flu-monitoring effort, the Seattle Flu Study, asked permission to test their trove of collected flu swabs for coronavirus [in the early days of the crisis]. State health officials joined Chu in asking the CDC and Food and Drug Administration to waive privacy rules and allow clinical tests in a research lab, citing the threat of significant loss of life. The CDC and FDA said no.”

Coronavirus ‘Truce’: The Guns Falling Silent Across the Middle East (Russ) 

From Haaretz: “A sudden quiet reverberates around one of the most troubled, violent regions on earth. Israel’s military is mirroring the enforced restraint shown by Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas — for now.”

Who Gets Forgotten in a Pandemic? (Chris)

The author writes, “Capitalist globalization now appears to be biologically unsustainable in the absence of a truly international public health infrastructure. But such an infrastructure will never exist until peoples’ movements break the power of Big Pharma and for-profit healthcare.”

Dead Sea Scrolls at the Museum of the Bible Are All Forgeries (Chris)

The author writes, “Independent researchers funded by the Museum of the Bible announced that all 16 of the museum’s Dead Sea Scroll fragments are modern forgeries that duped outside collectors, the museum’s founder, and some of the world’s leading biblical scholars.”

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