Kobach's 'Reverse Midas Touch' ; Many CA Police Departments Are Still Refusing Transparency ; and More Picks 7/3

Analysis Says We Need to Stop Building Fossil Fuel Plants Now (Chris)

From Ars Technica: “To figure out how we’re doing on the carbon budget … researchers totaled up all the major sources of emissions, including industrial sources, cars and trucks, and power-generation plants. The annual emissions from each of these was then projected forward, accounting for things like the typical lifespan of each, their annual use (miles for cars, capacity factor for power plants, etc.), and the emissions associated with that use.”

Far Right Extremists Wanted Blood in Portland’s Streets. Once Again, They Got It. (Chris)

The author writes, “[Recent stories centered around Andy Ngo and Quillette are] a distraction from the wider issue of ongoing, extremist-hosted fights meant to distort the conversation about the rising body count in the name of the American far right and shift the focus onto the anti-fascists who meet them in the street. Since Trump’s election and the rise of extremist groups like the Proud Boys, the number of people killed by anti-fascists at these rallies remains zero.”

‘Reverse Midas Touch’: Kobach Influence Leads Trump to Court Loss in Citizenship Case (Reader Steve)

From the Sacramento Bee: “[Kris] Kobach’s role in crafting the policy and his public statements about it helped undermine the official justification for the question offered by Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross: that it was added solely at the request of the Justice Department to aid enforcement of the Voting Rights Act.”

Many California Police Departments Are Still Refusing Transparency (Reader Steve)

The authors write, “Sexual assaults. Planted drugs. Illegal choke holds. We’ve learned quite a bit about police misconduct in the six months since SB1421, the landmark transparency bill from state Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, went into effect on Jan. 1. But the biggest thing we’ve learned is that many police departments believe that compliance with the law is optional.”

VIDEO: One Breath Around the World (Renee)

From Les Films Engloutis: “Turn out the light, put your headphones and freedive with me…”

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