USS Fitzgerald
In the News:  The US Navy has named Rear Adm. Brian Fort to lead the investigation into the June 17 collision of a US guided-missile destroyer with a Philippine-flagged container ship. Seven sailors were killed in the wreck. The Navy has not speculated on the cause, but Japanese authorities suggest the ship was on autopilot at the time. About this photo: USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) returning to port. Photo credit: US Navy

GOP House Passes Amendment Revoking AUMF ; Trump’s Insecure Email Hypocrisy Continues ...and More Picks for 6/30

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An Executive Guide to Ransomware (Trevin)

The history of ransomware, why it is so successful, how to avoid it, and what steps victims can follow to gain back access to their data.

US Approves $1.4 Billion Arms Sale to Taiwan (Jimmy)

Another Trump administration action sure to infuriate Beijing.

GOP Congress Approves Democratic Amendment to Remove 2001 AUMF (Jimmy)

Originally passed in 2001 to give President Bush authority to fight the perpetrators of 9/11, critics of the Authorization for Use of Military Force argue that it has allowed for perpetual warfare in the Middle East. It is unclear if it will be approved by the Senate.

Trump’s Election Fraud Committee Asked States to Send Sensitive Voter Info Over Unsecure Email (Jimmy)

The author writes, “The White House on Wednesday requested that every state surrender a laundry list of voter data, including partial social security numbers, using an insecure email address unprotected by even basic encryption technology.” Improving security and integrity of federal elections is the committee’s goal.


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