In the News: The world's first hydrogen-powered passenger train was on display recently at Berlin's InnoTrans trade show. The Coradia iLint is a new train from French company Alstom that is promoted as being "incredibly quiet and environmentally friendly." Photo credit: – FelixM – / Flickr

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Lead Whitewater Lawyer Chertoff Endorses Clinton (Jeff C.)

Michael Chertoff, the former Homeland Security, is the latest Bush administration official to support Hillary Clinton.

WIkileaks’ Anticipated “October Surprise” Fizzles (Russ)

Maybe a PR gaffe? Something yet to come?

Clinton’s Whitewater Indictment Stays Sealed (Dan)

A district judge ruled to keep the documents sealed as the Clinton’s were not in public office at that the time.

DiCaprio: Don’t Believe in Climate Change? Shouldn’t be in Public Office (Russ)

Says no place for science deniers in responsible positions, sure to be controversial.

GOP Called VP Debate for Pence… Hours Before It Happened (Trevin)

The website had already fact-checked the debate performances at 4PM Pacific, and listed “Economy” and “Highlighting Hillary’s scandals” as Pence’s “Top Moments.” And of course, “The other clear winner was Donald Trump.”

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