In Bolsonaro’s Brazil, Everyone Else Is to Blame for Virus ; Blow Up the Restaurant Industry ; and More Picks 5/26

In Bolsonaro’s Brazil, Everyone Else Is to Blame for Virus (Reader Steve)

From the LA Times: “Asked about Brazil’s death toll surpassing China’s, [President Bolsonaro] feigned impotence: ‘I don’t work miracles. What do you want me to do?’”

‘Puzzling Inflammatory Syndrome’ Linked to COVID-19 Doesn’t Just Affect Children (Lisa)

The authors write, “Jennifer Lighter, a pediatric infectious diseases doctor at NYU Langone, said younger children with the condition seem to have symptoms that look more like traditional Kawasaki, which is characterized by inflammation of the blood vessels. But teens and young adults have more of an ‘overwhelming’ response involving the heart and multiple organs.”

Blow Up the Restaurant Industry and Start Over (Lisa)

From the New Republic: “Even before the Covid-19 crisis hit, the restaurant industry was a risky business that relied on razor-thin margins and offered few protections for its workforce. Cooks endure long shifts of grueling physical labor; servers generally live off tips, an inherently discriminatory practice that began in America when restaurant owners didn’t want to pay formerly enslaved people for their work. Restaurant workers are highly segregated by race and gender, with undocumented workers particularly vulnerable to wage theft and other unfair labor practices. Health insurance and paid time off are rare for anyone not working for a large restaurant group.”

Will the Millennial Left Make Peace With the ‘Lesser Evil’ of Joe Biden? It’s Complicated (Chris)

The author writes, “The scale of social change required to manage the impending age of catastrophe lies beyond the myopia of those who … have endlessly repeated that we have no option but to reduce our politics to the embrace of the ‘lesser evil.’ To reprimand young people for failing to muster enthusiasm for voting for the lesser evil ultimately amounts to a refusal to recognize the necessity for a greater idea, for a mobilization for structural transformation. In our age of catastrophe, ‘lesser-evil-ism’ is the most unethical position.”

‘With One Case, They Reacted Like It Was Ten Thousand’ (Dana)

The author writes, “Starting in January, Mongolia executed a perfect public health response, and they have never let up the pressure since. COVID-19 did not just leave Mongolia alone. Mongolia kicked its ass.”

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