Mike Pence, Indonesia
Mike Pence Visits Asia: Australia and other allies looked for reassurance in the stability of US leadership as Vice President Mike Pence visited the region. Some found Pence's observation that "Indonesia's tradition of moderate Islam, frankly, is an inspiration to the world" rather tone deaf given the defeat of Jakarta's Christian governor in an election where religion was a major issue. Photo credit: The White House

GOP Goes Right on Obamacare Replacement

Oil’s Big Problem ; Russian Hackers Take on French Candidate?

Oil’s Big Problem ; Russian Hackers Take on French Candidate? for 4/26

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Republicans Go Right for Obamacare Replacement (Dan)

Republicans swing right in an effort to sway ‘Freedom Caucus’ conservatives to support the Obamacare replacement legislation. But will they lose moderate votes? Furthermore, what role will Trump play in negotiations?

Oil Market’s Big Problem (Jeff C.)

Gasoline station operators have reported that their sales are down 1.5 to 2 percent this year. Traders are growing worried the demand for gasoline is not there to keep crude prices above $50 a barrel.

Russian Hackers Targeting Macron, Say Cybersecurity Experts (Dan)

The same Russian hacking group that allegedly targeted the Clinton camp, known as ‘Fancy Bear’, is targeting France’s Emmanuel Macron, who is opposing the Russia-friendly Marine Le Pen.

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