How ‘Murdochracy’ Controls the Climate Debate in Australia ; Of Pears and Kings ; and More Picks 1/28

Larry Krasner’s Lonely, Radical Crusade to Solve America’s Gun Problem (Chris)

The author writes, “Unlike traditional prosecutors, Krasner does not measure success by accumulating convictions and toting up lengthy prison sentences. Instead, he has promised to address abuses by the criminal justice system and imprison fewer people for less time. And he thinks all of that can drive down gun crime. … Criminologists and Philadelphia community activists say that Krasner’s approach, while unorthodox, is backed by sound social science. They also argue that giving people who carry firearms a second chance may, in fact, reduce gun violence by addressing the factors that lead to gun possession in the first place — namely, pervasive cynicism about the justice system’s ability to keep people safe.”

DNC’s Perez Under Fire for Convention Committee Picks (DonkeyHotey)

From Common Dreams: “Progressives raised alarm this weekend after Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez released his picks for the 2020 Democratic National Convention committees. The list of nominees, Sunrise Movement political director Evan Weber said Sunday, looks like ‘a who’s-who of people explicitly opposed to the progressive agenda.’”

Amazon Employees Speak Out on Climate, Despite Risk of Losing Their Jobs (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “More than 350 Amazon employees defied a company ban on unapproved external communications to call out what they see as the retail and technology giant’s still-inadequate approach to the climate crisis. In a Medium post and news release Sunday and video released online Monday, the employees praised the steps that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos committed the company to last September, but railed against what one called Amazon’s “unconscionable” business with the oil and gas industry. … Earlier this month, members of Amazon Employees for Climate Justice said Amazon had threatened to fire at least two outspoken employees for violating the external communications policy, in what many of them view as a crackdown on dissent within the corporate ranks.”

How ‘Murdochracy’ Controls the Climate Debate in Australia (Mili)

The author writes, “Despite [the] public’s desire for action on climate change, media giant News Corp continues to give space to deniers.”

Of Pears and Kings (Chris)

From the Public Domain Review: “Images have long provided a means of protesting political regimes bent on censoring language. In the 1830s a band of French caricaturists, led by Charles Philipon, weaponized the innocent image of a pear to criticize the corrupt and repressive policies of King Louis-Philippe. Patricia Mainardi investigates the history of this early 19th-century meme.”


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1 year ago

Here’s how it works with Google and law enforcement requests.
The request is made to Google for your browsing history, location etc. Google then looks up your IP address and all of the identifiers your device has created. They then send all of this data over to the agency.
Here is how to avoid this.
When you use a virtual private browser, Google cannot match the browsing to you, your device or your IP address. A server in the cloud creates all of the browsing data, NOT your device.

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