Protesters Block Entrance at ICE Headquarters ; Wrangling Begins in Queens DA Recount ; and More Picks 7/17

1,000 Protesters With Jewish Group Block Entrance to ICE Headquarters for Hours (Chris)

From the Daily Beast: “According to Movimiento Cosecha, ICE attempted to move busloads of its employees to a different facility during the protest because employees were unable to work. Police arrested some of the protesters, although it remains unclear how many.” 

Wrangling Begins in Queens DA Recount, Recalling Florida Intrigue in 2000 (Chris)

The author writes, “Results from [a hand recount of some 91,000 votes cast in a Democratic primary for a district attorney post in New York] are expected to take several weeks. Then cue the legal challenges, including some focusing on a portion of the more than 2,300 affidavit ballots, cast by people who went to polls and were not on a list of registered voters, that were disqualified by elections officials. The [Tiffany] Cabán campaign is focusing on more than 100 such affidavit ballots that were disqualified for technical errors in the affidavit, such as a registered Democrat not writing the word ‘Democrat’ in a space for party affiliation.”

Safe Parking Site for Homeless Who Live in Their Vehicles Proposed in San Francisco (Russ)

From the San Francisco Examiner: “City officials have proposed a Balboa Park site for the first ‘triage center’ site for people living in their vehicles. The site at 500 Geneva Ave. at Balboa Upper Yards, announced Supervisors Ahsha Safai and Vallie Brown Monday, would provide a safe place to park and social services.”

How to Recycle Batteries (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “The mercury-free, single-use batteries (aka primary cells or primary batteries) that are common in households today generally can go in the trash. But the more responsible and sustainable thing to do is to look at the battery recycling options in your community.”

Faking Moon Landing in 1969 Would’ve Been Harder Than Landing on Moon (Gerry)

S.G. Collins “debunks every theory that the Apollo Moon landings could have been faked in a studio. The filmmaker takes a look at the video technology of the late 1960s, showing alleged fraud was simply not possible.”

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