American Democracy Is on the Supreme Court Docket ; UN Report Underscores Crisis in Biodiversity ; and Other Picks 2/22

IRS Worker in SF Illegally Leaked Records of Trump Fixer Michael Cohen, Prosecutors Say (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “An Internal Revenue Service analyst in San Francisco was the source of government records showing that Michael Cohen, when he was President Trump’s personal lawyer, funneled millions of dollars from foreign companies, as well as an alleged hush-money payment, into Cohen’s illegal shell company, federal prosecutors charged Thursday.”

American Democracy Is on the Supreme Court Docket (Reader Steve)

The author writes,Three cases being heard this term could amplify the imbalance of power and influence in U.S. politics.”

Documentary Asks ‘What Is Democracy?’ (Chris)

The author writes, “One of the key words in our political language may be more open to interpretation and subjectivity — and clear-cut parameters — than we ever realized.”

UN Report Underscores Crisis in Biodiversity (Chris)

The author writes, “Tallying up the harm from overexploited resources, climate change, and mass species extinction among insects and plants, the United Nations urged international leaders in a report Friday to do their part to protect the global food chain.”

Here’s How State-Level Democrats Could Keep Trump Off the 2020 Ballot (Reader Stephanie)

From Rewire: “There is no law that says a presidential candidate must release his or her tax returns to the public, so legislators in at least 23 states have drafted at least 40 bills to create one.”

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