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Stop It: There is a long history of media and partisan attacks on the daughters and sons of presidents. Now it is Barron Trump's turn. It is not appropriate. Leave Barron alone. Photo credit: The White House / Flickr

FTC Approves Whole Foods-Amazon Merger

The ‘Hipster’ Iman ; More Pro-Trump Russian Bots ...and More Picks

The ‘Hipster’ Iman ; More Pro-Trump Russian Bots ...and More Picks for 8/24

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FTC: Amazon-Whole Foods Merger is A-OK (Jimmy)

The author writes, “The deal helped spur the No. 3 U.S. e-tailer, Walmart Stores Inc., to team up with Google Inc. to allow Walmart shoppers to place orders by voice over Google’s Home virtual assistant.”

The ‘Hipster’ Iman (Dan)

The mastermind behind the Barcelona terror attack was able to assimilate in Spanish by his dress and being “polite”. Too polite.

Pro-Russian Bots Behind Fake Trump Supporters (Russ)

A forensic specialist found that Trump twitterer Angee Dixson almost certainly was a fictitious person, part of a Russian effort to sow discord post Charlottesville.

Macron Goes ‘France First’ (Dan)

Macron understands that employment of low-wage workers from Eastern Europe in more industrialized economies fueled pro-Brexit votes in the UK. Now the new French president has embraced a form of ‘protectionism’ to prevent that same outcome in France.

Forget Eye Damage, Check Out This Weird Ear Damage (Russ)

Foreign diplomats in Cuba plagued by odd malady.

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