WA Aims for Zero-Carbon Electricity by 2045 ; Australia Misspells 'Responsibility' on New Bank Note ; and More Picks 5/10

Washington State to Give 110,000 Students Money for College Every Year (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “In what may be the most generous aid program in the country, Washington is on the brink of reducing tuition or making it free for about 110,000 low- to median-income students each year. Guaranteed, with no more wait lists.”

Jay Inslee Signs Bill for Zero-Carbon Electricity by 2045 (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Gov. Jay Inslee signed a package of bills Tuesday to combat climate change headlined by legislation to rid Washington’s electric grid of fossil-fuel-generated power by 2045, a move that makes the state a leader in the national clean-power movement. Other parts of the green agenda now embedded in state law create new conservation standards for energy use in large new buildings, require new efficiency standards for appliances and phase out ‘super pollutant’ hydrofluorocarbons used as refrigerants.”

Tracking the Toxic Air That’s Killing Millions (Mili)

From the BBC: “The Alan Turing Institute, a research centre specialising in data science and artificial intelligence (AI), has been developing a programme that can sift through vast quantities of real time data from more than 1,200 remote sensors across the Greater London area. This data is combined with other information about the weather, traffic flows, construction activity and street ‘canyons’ — roads surrounded by high buildings where toxic air cannot easily dissipate.” 

What’s Really Going On Inside Mississippi’s Prisons? (Chris)

From ProPublica: “What began as a call from an inmate turned into a yearslong effort to chronicle corruption, gangs, violence and maltreatment inside Mississippi prisons.”

Typo on Millions of Australian Bank Notes (Chris)

The author writes, “The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) spelled ‘responsibility’ as ‘responsibilty’ on millions of the new yellow notes.”

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