Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
In the News: Two participants in the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, Jason Patrick and Darryl Thorn, were convicted of conspiring to impede interior department employees from doing their jobs. Previous trials, of the Bundys and others, led to no convictions and two other defendants in this trial were found not guilty. Photo credit: Bureau of Land Management / Flickr

Fired US Attorney Was Investigating Fox News

Norway Goes Electric and Hybrid to Avoid Oil ; IRS: 6 Million Fewer Filings in 2017 ...and More Picks

Norway Goes Electric and Hybrid to Avoid Oil ; IRS: 6 Million Fewer Filings in 2017 ... and more Picks for 3/13.

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IRS: 6 Million Fewer Filings Than in 2016 (Jeff C.)

We’re now officially halfway through the 2017 tax filing season and nearly 6 million fewer people have filed their returns than at the same point in 2016, that’s an 8.5% decline.

Writers, Activists Issue Statement Against Blacklisting of Journalist Khalek (Trevin)

Her views on the Syrian conflict led to dis-invites from two Palestinian justice/human rights events. Among the many signers of the statement were Glenn Greenwald, Noam Chomsky, Colonel Ann Wright and Medea Benjamin.

US Attorney Bharara Was Investigating Fox News Before Firing (Dan)

Before his highly publicized firing on Saturday, Preet Bharara was pursuing a case against former Fox News’ head Roger Ailes for illegal wiretapping of its journalists and fraud. Bharara’s likely replacement is Marc Mukasey, who previously worked for Fox News shareholder Rupert Murdoch’s legal team.

Clever Danish TV Ad on Subject of Unity and Otherness (Milicent)

Here’s a short film, based on reality, that should give you a big laugh.

Gunmen Disguised as Doctors Kill 30 at Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan (Jimmy)

The Islamic State have asserted responsibility for the act of terrorism.

Dutch Greens’ Rise Make Last Minute Surprise in Upcoming Elections (Dan)

Most of the news we hear out of Northern and Central Europe is the rise of far-right nationalists. Now Jesse Klaver, a leader of the Greens in the Netherlands, is looking to push back against that trend. His first test? The Dutch elections on Wednesday.

Half of All New Cars in Norway Are Hybrid or Electric (Jimmy)

The country has agreed to ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel powered cars by 2025.

UN Privacy Watchdog: “Little or No Evidence” to Support Mass Surveillance (Reader Pat)

Says surveillance laws amount to “gesture-politics” in which politicians seek to be seen as doing something to provide security “without in any way demonstrating that this is either a proportionate or indeed an effective way to tackle terrorism”.


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