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Feds, Tech Fall Short on Watching Extremists, Senate Says (Maria)

The author writes, “The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are failing to adequately monitor domestic extremists, according to a new Senate report that also faulted social media platforms for encouraging the spread of violent and antigovernment content. The report, issued Wednesday by the Senate Homeland Security panel, called on federal law enforcement to reassess its overall response to the threat of homegrown terrorism and extremism.”

Why Trump Could Win Again (Reader Jim)

The author writes, “Because American politics has been so dominated by an entertainer, the most inevitable thing in the world is a sequel. Donald Trump … is not as weak a candidate as many people might expect — or hope — him to be. I believe he is most likely to be the 2024 Republican nominee for president, and since we have only two major political parties, he could win in the general election — and that would be bad for the country.”

Ukraine Suffers Largest Russian Missile Attack Yet (Sean)

From Defense One: “Amid Russia’s most intense missile attacks on Ukraine to date, a Ukrainian S-300 air defense missile appears to have gone off course and landed just across the border with Poland, killing two farmers in a rural area in the eastern part of the country on Tuesday. News of the Polish deaths seems to have first surfaced via commercial radio station Radio Zet, which shared an image of the purported aftermath with a fairly sizable crater next to a tractor and trailer at night.”

Exiled Russian Activist Challenges Pacifist Approach to Ending War on Ukraine (Russ)

From Truthout: “Faced with a failing war, Vladimir Putin’s regime has conscripted hundreds of thousands of men into his armed forces and deployed them to his frontlines. That, in turn, has triggered a rise in antiwar resistance in Russia. In an exclusive for Truthout, Ashley Smith interviews Lolja Nordic from the Russian activist organization Feminist Antiwar Resistance about the movement against Putin’s regime and its imperialist invasion of Ukraine.”

Boston Hospital Serving Trans Youth Gets Yet Another Bomb Threat (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “Boston Children’s Hospital says it’s been inundated by harassment and threats of violence after right-wing Twitter began spreading misinformation about its gender-affirming care.”

Twitter’s Potential Collapse Could Wipe Out Vast Records of Recent Human History (Mili)

From MIT Technology Review: “Almost from the time the first tweet was posted in 2006, Twitter has played an important role in world events. The platform has been used to record everything from the Arab Spring to the ongoing war in Ukraine. It’s also captured our public conversations for years. But experts are worried that if Elon Musk tanks the company, these rich seams of media and conversation could be lost forever. Given his admission to employees in a November 10 call that Twitter could face bankruptcy, it’s a real and present risk.”

Stranded Without Food? Edible Drone Has Snackable Wings (Dana)

The author writes, “It’s a nightmare scenario. You’re on an ambitious mountain hike when you get lost, injured or stranded. The good news is help is finally on the way, but the bad news is it’s going to take time to reach you and you’re out of food. That’s when a buzzing drone comes flying in for a landing. Not only do you get the snacks, medicine or water it’s carrying, you can eat the wings to tide you over until the rescue team arrives. This scenario could become real.”

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