In the News: The Palestinian group Hamas has published its first new policy document which states a willingness to accept an interim Palestinian state. The policy states Hamas's struggle is not with Jews but with "occupying Zionist aggressors.” The text is an effort by Hamas, which rules Gaza, to soften its image. Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum states, “The document gives us a chance to connect with the outside world. To the world our message is Hamas is not radical. We are a pragmatic and civilized movement. We do not hate Jews. We only fight who occupies our lands and kills our people.” Photo credit: Alisdare Hickson / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

FBI’s Secret Tsarnaev Docs

GOP’s Latest Health Care Fail ; Hackers Ransom Netflix ...and More Picks

GOP’s Latest Health Care Fail ; Hackers Ransom Netflix ...and More Picks for 5/3

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IEA’s Latest Subtle Warning on Oil Supply Shortfall (Jeff C.)

The global energy monitoring agency points to record-low oil discoveries and sagging industry investment as signs a supply crunch looms … and not just for our grandkids, but by 2020.

No Evidence High-Risk Pools Solve Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage (DH)

Under the ACA, insurance companies must accept anyone who applies for coverage at the same cost as everyone else in the plan. The GOP alternative for covering pre-existing conditions is to put certain really sick people High-Risks Pools that are underfunded and have no price caps.

FBI Refuses to Release ‘Secret’ Tsarnaev Docs (Matt)

Just what could be in these 13 ‘classified’ pages?

Golden Orb Spider Silk Proves a Gold Mine (Milicent)

Spider silks are stronger than steel, tougher and more flexible, yet a fraction of steel’s weight; they inhibit bacteria and fungi, and do not trigger the immune system – making them ideal for suture material and other medical applications. But that’s only the beginning: the largest study ever on the orb spider’s DNA is revealing all kinds of surprises and promises for future use.

Tricorders Could Be Coming to a Sick Bay Near You (Trevin)

A new tablet-based system called DxtER “can track vital signs and uncover medical conditions — 34 in all, from diabetes and pulmonary diseases to tuberculosis and Hepatitis A.”

Hackers Leak Upcoming Netflix Series After Failed Ransom (Jimmy)

A hacker group leaked upcoming episodes of the TV series Orange is the New Black to the Internet after studios failed to pay a bitcoin ransom. The group claims to have additional episodes and a film.


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