In the News: Video, from a camera equipped drone, shows the company building the Dakota Access pipeline had been ignoring the Obama administration's September 9 request to stop construction on the disputed land. Now the Army Corps of Engineers has demanded a halt to construction until more study of the project has been completed. Photo credit: Shiyé Bidziil / Vimeo

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Trump’s Scary Attorney General Pick ; Benefits of LSD ; What People Don’t Get About the Working Class ...and More Picks

Trump’s Scary Attorney General Pick ; Benefits of LSD ; What People Don’t Get About the Working Class ...and More Picks

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Bush-Era Torture Defender Worried About Trump (Jimmy)

John Yoo was famous for writing the legal memos that helped justify George W. Bush’s policy of “enhanced interrogation”. Now he has concerns about Trump’s lack of legal understanding.

Trump May Appoint Voter Suppression Whiz Kid Kris Kobach (Dan)

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach developed a new form of voter suppression: Interstate Cross Check. The system has been discredited but is still in use. Now, if appointed to Trump’s cabinet as Attorney General, he will be the one to set up the so-called Muslim registry. Hold onto your hats, folks.

What So Many People Don’t Get About the US Working Class (Reader Derrin)

The Harvard Business Review offers five major points for how the Democrats might improve their performance with Middle America.

Trump’s Possible CIA Head Has a Strange Past (Dan)

Former Representative Peter Hoekstra lobbied on behalf of the Kurdish regional government, an EU-skeptical Belarusian company, and a Libyan education group. This isn’t Poppy Bush’s CIA.

LSD Potential Remedy for Depression and Addiction (Jimmy)

Could dropping acid be effective in fighting depression, especially in terminally ill patients? Some of the first real research in 40 years has been done to help answer that question.

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