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In the News: The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently announced a delay in enforcement of the crystalline silica standard that applies to the construction industry. The standard was designed to limit worker exposure to concrete dust and other materials by requiring masks and through other methods. The standard will now undergo additional review. Photo credit: US Air Force / Flickr

Fate of CFPB ; End of Gerrymandering?

The United Airlines Problem ...and More Picks

The United Airlines Problem ...and More Picks for 4/14

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United Airlines Fiasco Symptom of Much Bigger Problem (Jeff C.)

Airlines have embraced the powers afforded them through 9/11. Instead of treating passengers as customers, they often act as if they are doing the passenger a favor by transporting them.

End of Gerrymandering? (Reader Steve)

A retired Wisconsin professor is on a mission. Cross your fingers.

Legislation Allowing Warrantless Student Phone Searches Dies For Now (Jimmy)

A California bill allowing K-12 school administrators to search the phones and electronic devices of students without a warrant has died, after intense lobbying by more than 60 groups, including the ACLU. The bill was introduced in order to increase school safety and help investigate cyberbullying.

Finally a California Primary? (Russ)

Politicos have long argued for a California primary. That ambition might come true in 2020.

Fate of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Reader Steve)

Trump’s DOJ brief mentions that the CFPB is an illegal creation from the Obama administration. However, as usual in the era of Trump, the DC bubble is not so convinced.


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