Real-time face capture
Fake News In Motion: New video editing technology allows users to produce convincing fake videos. This could include showing people doing things and saying things they did not do or say. Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) wants the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop new authentication methods for audio and video files to protect the public. Photo credit: Tero Karras FI / YouTube (Creative Commons Attribution license - reuse allowed)

Fake News? Try Fake Video and Audio Technology

Hunting Protesters, With US Help ; Nuclear Deal for Saudi Arabia? ...and More Picks

Hunting Protesters, With US Help ; Nuclear Deal for Saudi Arabia? ...and More Picks 2/21

Court Determines Military Burn Pits Caused Lung Disease in Troops (Reader Pat)

And now those involved in burning trash and other chemicals in Afghanistan and Iraq will receive treatment, which was previously denied by their health insurance.

US-Backed Police in Honduras Hunting Down Protesters (Russ)

Honduras is still in uproar after a contentious election. The winning party, with US support, is now hunting down protesters to calm lingering civil strife.

Trump’s Iran Nuclear Deal for Saudi Arabia (Dan)

The Obama administration’s 2015 nuclear deal with Iran was an agreement to halt nuclear development in the country in exchange for loosened sanctions for Western investment. The deal was met with pushback and skepticism by Republicans and then-candidate Trump. Now President Trump is negotiating a similar deal with Saudi Arabia, whose nuclear ambitions have been obvious for some time.

The Fundamental Uncertainty of Mueller’s Russia Indictments (Jimmy)

The author writes, “Both sides have rushed to interpret Rosenstein’s statements as offering certainty: with the White House claiming that the Trump campaign has been exonerated, and the legacy media running with the story of a sophisticated, bold Russian plan to meddle in American elections.”

Compensation for the Wrongly Imprisoned? Act Fast (Reader Steve)

California requires that wrongly imprisoned inmates “prove their innocence” within two years of the day of their release in order to receive state compensation.

CNN Compares Russia with Islamic Terrorists (Dan)

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper delivered a lengthy monologue comparing President Trump’s ability to call out “the enemy of radical Islamic terrorism,” but not Russia.


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