Trump Targets Major Weapons Projects to Build Wall ; The Mike Bloomberg New Yorkers Know ; and More Picks 2/14

Sanders and AOC’s Fracking Ban Angers Centrists and Their Fossil Fuel Backers (Russ)

The author writes, “House Democrats have finally unveiled a flurry of climate bills aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but activists say only one proposal represents the ‘gold standard’ for tackling the climate crisis: Legislation introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that would ban fracking nationwide. While none of these bills are likely to become law under President Trump, together they form the contours of a fierce debate among Democrats and environmentalists over the future of energy in the age of climate disruption.”

Trump Targets Major Weapons Projects to Fund Wall (Gerry)

From Defense One: “President Trump wants to reprogram almost $4 billion in Defense Department funds to pay for his now-infamous wall on the southern border, according to a budget request sent to Congress obtained by Defense One. The funds will be drawn mainly from procurement for major weapons programs, including for the fifth-generation F-35 fighter jet, as well as from shipbuilding. $1.3 billion will be drawn from the National Guard alone.”

Why Is Bloomberg’s Long History of Egregious Sexism Getting a Pass? (Chris)

The author writes, “If the Democratic Party wants to claim the moral high-ground on issues of misogyny and sexual harassment in the wake of the #MeToo movement, it has a moral obligation to reject as its highest leader a man who talks about women much in the same way Trump does. A half-hearted apology for behavior so egregious that it sparked nearly 40 lawsuits by women is a bandaid on a bullet wound.”

The Mike Bloomberg New Yorkers Know (Chris)

From Rolling Stone: “Even if it doesn’t matter to you that the practice of ‘stop-and-frisk’ was racist, the practice was ineffective. The New York Civil Liberties Union found that only 14 of every 10,000 stops produced a gun and only 1,200 of those 10,000 were offenses that resulted in fines. However, we live in a ‘tough on crime’ political world, where men like Bloomberg have to appear like they’re doing something to solve the problem — even if they haven’t the first clue what they’re doing. As mayor, he pushed for an increase in stops.”

Why We Should Feed Cows Charcoal (Mili)

The author writes, “Cattle farming is a large source of agriculture’s methane emissions. [Can] a remedy dating from the 3rd Century BC … help cut emissions and boost soil health?”

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