In the News: Today is Veterans Day in the US, honoring all who have served in the armed forces. So far this year, 26 American soldiers have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many other people were injured. About this photo: CH-47 Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan. Photo credit: US Army Special Operations Command

European Look at 2016/Trump Win Boost Private Prison Stock/More

Feeling the ‘After-Bern’ ; Trump and Deutsche Bank Conflict of Interest ; The Loss of Democrats’ Populism ...and More Picks

Feeling the ‘After-Bern’ ; Trump and Deutsche Bank Conflict of Interest ; The Loss of Democrats’ Populism ...and More Picks

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Feel The After-Bern (Jimmy)

Bernie Sanders was polling far better than Hillary Clinton was against Trump back in May. Many progressives warned that he would have a much better chance of winning against a populist insurgent Trump. His party sabotaged his chances anyway.

Private Prison Stocks Surge Since Trump Win (Jeff C.)

“The for-profit prison industry (CXW, GEO) were likely to face negative headlines and persistent contract uncertainty under a Clinton White House, but we expect a Trump administration to be more supportive given its focus on immigration and crime,” Compass Point said in a note.

Trump and Deutsche Bank Conflict of Interest (Jimmy)

Rumors swirled that Deutsche Bank would be paying the Dept. of Justice a $14 billion dollar fine related to mortgage abuses from the ’08 financial crisis. How likely is that to happen, since Trump owes them BIG?

Watergate Babies, Wright Patman, and Loss of Democrats’ Populism (Dan)

Before embracing cultural identity politics, the Democratic party focused on preventing corporate influence over democracy. Then the 60’s happened.

Russians Whoop It Up Over Trump Victory (Milicent)

What’s wrong with this picture? Americans are protesting in the streets against the election of Donald Trump — while in Russia, citizens and leaders alike are celebrating Trump, and in the strangest ways.

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