On This Day: The tobacco industry agreed to a $206 billion settlement to reimburse states for some of their cost due to smoking-related illnesses. Since the deal was reached in 1998, many states have sold their settlements to Wall Street in very questionable transactions. About this photo: 1950s tobacco advertising sign. Photo credit: clotho98 / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

EU to US: Stop Hate Speech/Thanksgiving @ Standing Rock/More

Trump’s Regulation Kill Team ; New Texas Oil Find May Disappoint ; The “Other” Ears in Your Headphones ...and More Picks

Trump’s Regulation Kill Team ; New Texas Oil Find May Disappoint ; The “Other” Ears in Your Headphones ...and More Picks

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Trump Era Set to Accelerate Deterioration of Federal Regulations (Celia)

This article documents the decades-long attack on important public health and safety regulations passed in the ’60s and ’70s. A GOP-controlled Congress combined with a Trump administration will likely continue this disturbing trend.

Facebook’s Entry into China Comes with One Special Caveat (Dan)

Mark Zuckerberg and China’s President Xi Jinping have agreed to create a third-party tool that would, you guessed it, “suppress” certain content on the social media platform.

Dramatic Loss of Louisiana Shoreline Discovered, Due to 2010 Oil Spill (Milicent)

NASA/US Geological Survey maps of the Louisiana marshlands reveal a stunning loss of shoreline in areas most heavily coated with oil from the BP disaster.

New West Texas Oil Find Largely All Hype (Jeff C.)

Media giants eager to promote market confidence, like Bloomberg and USA Today, have been beaming over a “vast” new oil treasure in the Permian Basin. This energy analyst reminds us to pump the brakes a bit on that optimism.

Thanksgiving at Standing Rock (Trevin)

Two groups will be feeding Water Protectors this holiday weekend. On Thursday, a delegation of chefs, activists, and volunteers will offer a Thanksgiving meal to 500 as they help build a straw-bale community center. Then, Saturday morning, it’s “French Toast & Hugs” with the FTX Gang.

Is There a Spy in Your Headphones? (Milicent)

Israeli researchers have invented malware that can convert your headphones into a microphone that can record your conversations.

An Open Letter for the Release of Remaining JFK Records (Jimmy)

A diverse group of individuals, from Oliver Stone to our own Russ Baker, have signed a letter addressed to president Obama’s lawyer arguing for support in the release of the remaining JFK assassination records.


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