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Editors’ Picks for Oct 21

Colorado Could Become First State With Single Payer Insurance, Apple Joins Opposition to Cybersecurity Bill, Obama Nominates Big Pharma Mega-Lobbyist to Head the FDA, and More Picks

Colorado could become first state with single payer insurance, Apple joins opposition to cybersecurity bill, Obama nominates Big Pharma mega-lobbyist to head the FDA, and more Picks

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Colorado Could Become First State With Single Payer Insurance (Russ)

Will have statewide ballot referendum next year.

Obama’s New Appointee to Head the FDA is a Big Pharma Mega-Lobbyist (Trevin)

The disapproval grew more justified this week as it was revealed that until this year, nominee Dr. Robert Califf was a board member and consultant for a company whose sole purpose is to help pharmaceutical companies evade and manipulate FDA regulations.”

Apple, Dropbox Join Opposition to Cybersecurity Bill (Klaus)

Apple and Dropbox became the latest tech giants to oppose the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA). The Senate is expected to soon vote on the bill, which is opposed by consumer advocates and tech companies alike because it lacks privacy protections.

Big Oil Could Be Liable for Covering Up Climate Change Awareness (Russ)

That’s according to former federal prosecutor of tobacco companies for hiding knowledge of health risks

Joe Biden Claims He Privately Supported Bin Laden Raid, Years After Saying He Opposed It (Trevin)

Against it before he was for it, Biden’s turning out to be perfect Democratic Party presidential candidate material. Hillary wrote of Biden’s skepticism of the raid in her book Hard Choices and touted her support for it in last week’s debate. WhoWhatWhy has been skeptical of the official story since the beginning.

Democrats Are Thinking About Quitting Benghazi Panel (Klaus)

It looks as though Democrats have just about had enough of the House Benghazi committee. After two Republican lawmakers and one former staffer recently said that the panel’s work is politically motivated and an attempt to attack leading Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton, committee Democrats might call it quits following the former Secretary of State’s testimony Thursday.

Three Quarters of US Kids “Not Proficient” in Geography (Klaus)

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that a vast majority of US students seems to take the “I have the Google Maps app” approach to geography. According to GAO, the reasons for this shortcoming include “misconceptions about what geography education entails,” a “lack of teacher preparation and professional development in geography” and the “poor quality of geography instructional materials.”

Canada Votes to Become Both Less Conservative and Less Liberal (Trevin)

Canadians have ousted their right-wing PM of almost a decade.

“For a hostile stance on the environment and other signature right-wing policies, a recent headline in The Guardian called him ‘the last remnant of George W. Bush in North America.’ Monday’s result is also a major loss for the traditionally leftist New Democratic Party, which fell from holding Official Opposition status to third place.”

Hummus for Peace (Klaus)

The owner of a restaurant in Israel that is offering a 50 percent discount on meals that Arabs and Jews share believes in the power of the chickpea. “If there’s anything that can bring together these peoples, it’s hummus,” said Kobi Tzafrir. He added that his campaign has been well-received by Arabs and Jews alike.


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