Today is Harriet Tubman's birthday. About this photo: Harriet Tubman probably at her home in Auburn, New York in 1911. Photo Credit: Library of Congress

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If You Think the Water in Flint is Bad … (Klaus)

An indigenous delegation is in Washington to protest against the radioactive water that the Navajo are exposed to.

Wounded Warrior Project Spends Comparatively Little to Help Vets (Klaus)

Only 60% of the funds raised by the Wounded Warrior Project goes to the people it is intended for, compared to more than 90% of the money that similar groups collect.

Whistleblowing Engineer Still Suffers from Guilt over Challenger Explosion (Klaus)

An engineer who recommended that the Space Shuttle Challenger not be launched 30 years ago yesterday is still suffering from guilt over not having done more to avert the catastrophe.

FBI Releases Unedited Video of LaVoy Finicum Shooting (Klaus)

The FBI has released an unedited 26-minute video showing what happened prior to the shooting of rancher and militiaman LaVoy Finicum, the actual shooting and the aftermath.
WARNING: Although the footage is shot from a plane and therefore not very good, if you decide to watch it, you will see a human being being shot to death.

Saudi Arabia Continues Killing Civilians in Yemen with US Weapons (Trevin)

Will the US stop selling the Saudis cluster bombs now that it’s obvious they are being used to commit war crimes?

California’s Rooftop Solar Industry Wins In Head To Head With Utilities (Trevin)

Thousands of solar industry jobs have been maintained due to the approval of an extension to California’s rooftop solar program by the CA Public Utilities Commission.

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