International Holocaust Remembrance Day, is observed on January 27 commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. About this photo: Holocaust Memorial Berlin.  Photo Credit: Wynand van Poortvliet / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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Mega-Blizzards Don’t Disprove Global Warming (Russ)

Those digging out from the huge one that just hit the East Coast may think it is license to burn as much cheap petroleum product as possible. Here’s an explanation of why they may be wrong in thinking cold spells undermine the idea of warming.

Controversial Government Program in Manchester Tries to Help Poorest Families (Trevin)

The Troubled Families Program targets families with “an average of nine serious troubles, including domestic violence and debt.” Each family is assigned a single worker who coordinates “interaction with different government agencies.”

St Louis Health Insurer, Centene, Lost Six Hard Drives Holding About 1 Million Customers’ Data (Trevin)

It’s the same old story, unfortunately, but at least in this case the data does not include financial or credit card information.

Six Cleveland Police Officers Fired After 2012 Shooting of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams

In a court case last May, Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo was acquitted of manslaughter and felonious assault after a 2012 car chase lead to the shooting of 137 bullets at Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. 15 of Brelo’s shots occured while on the hood of Russell and Williams’ vehicle. However, six of the officers involved in the incident have now been fired while the other seven officers have been suspended for a month without pay.

Public Emotions Needed for Good Society (Russ)

Author presents currently unpopular (though once commonplace) argument that government services need to be backed by an expressed intent to, more or less, “love thy neighbor.” Not something heard in GOP presidential debates.


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