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Today, the United States Supreme Court "will devote an expanded argument to a case that has made unions which represent government workers deeply fearful for their financial future and their public stature. A significant blow to their treasuries could come if non-union workers are able to turn broad hints by the Supreme Court into final victory in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association." - Scotusblog About this photo: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from little red school house  and rock pile in Joshua Tree National Park. Photo credit: Jack E. Boucher / Library of Congress, stallio / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Editors’ Picks for Jan 11

Hillary’s Wall Street Millions by the Numbers, 3D Printing vs ISIS, Dealing with Black Bears the Canadian Way, and More Picks

Hillary’s Wall Street Millions by the Numbers, 3D Printing vs ISIS, Dealing with Black Bears the Canadian Way, and More Picks

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Trump May Have Lied About Military Academy “Promotion” (Russ)

Claimed he got transferred because he was so good, but others say he was essentially demoted for sloughing off his supervisory duties to others. Trump, unsurprisingly, cites his time at a military academy — rather than in active service — as qualifications to be Commander-in-Chief.

American Worker Goes After “American” Phone Company For Sex Harrassment — In Germany (Russ)

Using an innovative strategy, a harassed worker uses the German ownership of T-Mobile to try and force a change in company policies.

Be Like Canada: Raise Revenue by Watching, Not Shooting, Bears (Sheila)

New Jersey governor Chris Christie — who huffs and puffs that black bears are literally “invading our homes” in the Garden State — might want to pivot on his strategy of expanding hunting laws to bag more bears. In British Columbia, an area that’s even more chock-full of bears than New Jersey, bear-watching tours brought 12 times more revenue to the region than hunting, according to a new study on the Great Bear Rainforest.

The Pugnacious, Relentless Progressive Party That Wants to Remake America (Trevin)

Four years after Occupy Wall Street, “the activist left is enjoying a prominence not seen since the 1970s,”  and the Working Families Party seeks to capitalize on this reality by working to push the political discourse leftward, much like the Tea Party has shown the opposite to be possible on the right.

Bernie Sanders is Absolutely Right About Hillary Clinton and Big Banks  (Ben)

She makes millions from her speeches for Wall Street and here’s the numbers to prove it.

Is the Lottery the New American Dream? (Ben)

As the lottery jackpot grows every year, so does social despair.

A Bit of Good News: 3D Printing Vs. Terrorist Vandals (Gerry)

Responding to the destruction of world-heritage sites by ISIS, archaeologists are creating life-size replicas of iconic objects, like the Arch of Palmyra, that can be erected at sites around the world. The copying of such large objects by 3D printers opens the door for all sorts of new uses for this cutting-edge technology.


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