On February 3, 1961 the U.S. Air Force's Strategic Air Command launched Operation Looking Glass. The mission was to provide a 24-7 airborne command and control center for U.S. nuclear forces. The “airborne emergency actions officer” (AEAO), had authority to act for and on behalf of the commander in chief in any confirmed wartime emergency, including implementation of nuclear command and control procedures, should command authority become incapacitated. Looking Glass aircraft were airborne 24 hours a day for over 29 years, until the mission was redefined in July 24, 1990. About this photo: Operation Looking Glass crew celebrating the mission's twentieth anniversary on February 3, 1981 at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska.  Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force / Library of Congress

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Palestinian Poet’s Sentence Reduced from Beheading to 8 Years in Prison and 800 Lashes (Gerry)

Ashraf Fayadh’s crimes include: renouncing Islam, storing images of women on his phone, and cursing against Allah and the Prophet Muhammad.

Mysterious “Cauliflowers” Generate New Hope for Life on Mars (Gerry)

Strange mineral formations discovered inside a Martian crater by one of NASA’s Rovers may point to bacterial action back in the Red Plant’s warmer and wetter past. The formations, which look like tiny heads of cauliflower, may have been “sculpted” by long-extinct Martian microbes. Or … maybe not.

Reporter for The Intercept Makes Up Quotes, Gets Fired (Klaus)

A messy situation is developing over at The Intercept.

Generals Want Women to Register for the Draft (Klaus)

Now that women can serve in combat, a couple of generals think that they should also have to register for the draft.

Could Records of the Woman Who Ran DC Prostitution Ring Affect 2016 Election? (Klaus)

The lawyer for the infamous “D.C. Madam” wants to release her records and claims that the information contained in them could impact the 2016 presidential race.

CA Attorney General Files Charges Over Porter Ranch Natural Gas Leak (Trevin)

Lawsuit alleges that the Southern California Gas Company did not report the leak “in a timely manner.”

Study: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Will Cost US a Half Million Jobs, Drag Down GDP (Trevin)

Tufts University’s Global Development and Environment Institute reports that the comprehensive trade agreement will actually increase the gap between the world’s rich and poor.

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