Today is the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth on February 12, 1809. About this photo: Life mask and plaster hands of Abraham Lincoln, preserved at Ford's Theatre, Washington, D.C., where assassin John Wilkes Booth mortally wounded the president in 1865.  Photo Credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Carol M. Highsmith / Library of Congress

Editors’ Picks for Feb 12

No Love Between GOPers and Cruz, 50 Years of the Deep State, How Nevada’s Governor Killed Solar Energy, and More Picks

No Love Between GOPers and Cruz, 50 Years of the Deep State, How Nevada’s Governor Killed Solar Energy, and More Picks

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Iranians Say Republicans Just Tried Another “October Surprise” (Russ)

Official claims GOP figures tried to delay prisoner swap in order to influence 2012 election. If true, that would mirror the alleged deal to hold Americans until Jimmy Carter could be defeated in 1980 — tantamount to treason.

Here’s How Much Fellow GOPers Hate Cruz (Russ)

Huckabee, usually the gentleman, says TX senator is a “low-life” and “sleazy.” Things can only get more interesting, what with Trump being, by comparison, such a choir boy.

50 Years of the ‘Deep State’ (Reader Lance Ciepela)

How has the Bush family worked behind-the-scenes to amass power? Take a look at this succinct and source-filled article.

What Part General Motors Played in the Flint Drinking Water Scandal (Dan)

How a history of corrupt deals with the auto manufacturer and its Washington allies resulted in the water crisis.

How a Cozy Relationship Between Nevada’s Governor and the State’s Utility Company are Killing Solar Energy (Dan)

Along with being the ‘Silver State’, Nevada is also a sunshine state. So much so that solar-energy company SolarCity incentivized customers to install solar panels and sell any ‘unused’ sun power back to the grid. That is until last December, when Nevada’s Public Utilities Committee hiked up fees on solar usage and lowered the payback return. Now SolarCity has left the state, taking 500 jobs with them. Why? Look no further than the relationship between Nevada governor Brian Sandoval and NV Energy.


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