On December 11, 1941 Adolf Hitler delivered a speech at the Kroll Opera House to the men of the Reichstag declaring war on the United States. Photo Credit: General German News Service / Wikimedia

Editors’ Picks for Dec 11

Cash for Climate Change Denial, Keystone Cops @ COP21 in Paris, Mass (Mock) Shooting This Weekend, and More Picks

Cash for Climate Change Denial, Keystone Cops @ COP21 in Paris, Mass (Mock) Shooting This Weekend, and More Picks

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Major Climate Science Denial Groups Offer to Hide Fossil Fuel Funding, Greenpeace Investigation Finds (Russ)

An undercover investigation by Greenpeace has found some of the world’s most vocal climate science denial groups were willing to accept cash from fossil fuel interests in return for writing articles and reports that reject the impacts of greenhouses gases. (!)

Scalia Wants Opponents of Citizens United Decision to Get ‘Stiff Sentences’ (Klaus)

When opponents of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision were thrown out of one of the court’s hearings earlier this year, an open microphone picked up Justice Antonin Scalia saying that the protesters should receive “stiff, stiff sentences.”

Arrests at the Paris Climate Talks (Trevin)

Armed guards and cops’ extreme security measures “intended to protect only heads of state and corporate representatives, and not the victims of either so-called terrorism or climate change.”

Israeli Journalists Slam Netanyahu for Shuttering Arabic Media Outlets (Russ)

Said the Union of Israeli Journalists: ‘Shutting down media outlets is nearly unheard of in democratic regimes.’

Gun rights activists are planning to stage a mock mass shooting this weekend  (Ben)

To protest gun-free zones and calls for tougher gun control legislation, gun rights activists in Texas are planning to stage afake mass shooting at the University of Texas this weekend.

End-Of-Life Care Group’s Expanding National Footprint (Inez)

Group educates Californians on state’s new Aid-in-Dying law, and making national moves to give people more control over how their final months and years are managed.

Anonymous hacktivists battle Islamic State with humor (Ben)


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