Texas and Ohio Have Suspended Abortions ; America Needs a Defender General ; and More Picks 3/25

This Is Just the Beginning (Celia)

The author writes, “People who now advocate that we ‘choose the economy’ are not being honest about the consequences of that decision. According to all serious projections, a premature capitulation to the coronavirus would result in death on a truly monumental scale — far more than the country can, should, or needs to bear.”

Destruction of Biodiversity Creates the Conditions for Diseases Like COVID-19 (Gerry)

From Scientific American: “‘Pathogens do not respect species boundaries,’ says disease ecologist Thomas Gillespie, an associate professor in Emory University’s Department of Environmental Sciences who studies how shrinking natural habitats and changing behavior add to the risks of diseases spilling over from animals to humans.”

Texas and Ohio Have Suspended Abortions (Chris)

The author writes, “Texas and Ohio have ordered doctors to suspend carrying out abortions and all other non-urgent surgery as part of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Abortion rights activists criticized the moves as an ideological maneuver and said abortions are not procedures that can simply be put on hold.”

Ireland: Private Hospitals Will Be Made Public for Duration of Pandemic (Chris)

The author writes, “Private hospitals will act as part of the public health system for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, [Ireland’s] government has announced. Some 2,000 beds, nine laboratories and thousands of staff have been drafted into the public system.”

America Needs a Defender General (Dana)

The author writes, “The single most influential job in American criminal justice is one that most people have never heard of: the deputy solicitor general who oversees criminal prosecutions. This is the person in the Office of the U.S. Solicitor General primarily responsible for making the government’s arguments in criminal cases. Understanding that job, and that person’s role in shaping criminal law in this country, reveals a serious, hidden problem: no equal office exists for the country’s defendants. Over time, that imbalance has worked to undermine the Supreme Court’s acknowledged responsibility to provide ‘equal justice under law.’”

Congress Allocates $2 Trillion to Bail Out the Struggling Bailout Industry (Reader Jessica)

From the Onion: “If bailouts can’t function, then America can’t function.”

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