Some Federal Staffers Still Haven't Received Back Pay ; Brett Kavanaugh Just Declared War on 'Roe v. Wade' ; and More Picks 2/8

‘A Substantial Ripple Effect’ (Russ)

The author writes, “On January 24, it seemed like the partial government shutdown would go on forever, leaving more than 800,000 federal workers in unpaid limbo. But on January 25 — the 35th day of the longest-ever federal shutdown — something changed: 10 air traffic controllers decided to stay home.”

Some Federal Staffers Still Haven’t Received Back Pay (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “A spokesman for the Department of Interior, which handles payroll for more than five dozen government offices, did not answer when asked how many workers were due back pay…”

Brett Kavanaugh Just Declared War on ‘Roe v. Wade’ (Chris)

From Slate: “Don’t believe the lip service Kavanaugh paid to precedent on Thursday. He is ready and willing to let states regulate abortion out of existence.”

Germany Moves Toward Reining In Facebook (Chris)

The author writes, “The German antitrust authority has banned Facebook from combining user data across its apps and third-party sites without users’ consent, accusing the company of coercively taking advantage of its ‘market dominance.’”

Venezuela’s Citizens May Bear the Brunt of US Sanctions (Dan)

Recent sanctions on Venezuela’s government, implemented as a way to get president Nicolas Maduro to cede power, may end up hurting those most vulnerable in the country: the poor.

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