Bob Goodlatte
In the News: The republicans, in the US House, introduced a bill to make it much more difficult to bring class action lawsuits. About this photo: US Congressman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia is chairman of the Judiciary Committee where the bill was originated. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Dakota Access Pipeline Clashes Expected Soon

Trump’s Anti-Semitism Claims Run Deeper ; Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Sides with Big Business, Big Donors, and Big Bosses ... and more Picks


Trump’s Anti-Semitism Claims Run Deeper ; Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Sides with Big Business, Big Donors, and Big Bosses ... and more Picks for 2/22.

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Trump Anti-Semitism Claims Run Deeper (Russ)

Why is Trump’s deputy assistant wearing the medal of a group known to be Nazi collaborators during World War II?

Clashes Expected at DAPL Site (Dan)

Potential clashes between Native American ‘water protectors’ and contractors from Energy Transfer Partners over the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline are expected within in the next few days. Originally cancelled by the outgoing Obama administration, Trump reversed the order to build the Dakota Access Pipeline to much dismay of Native American tribes who claim the land is sacred and environmentalist who fear potential damage to the land.

Preliminary Assessment of Iran’s Plasco Building Collapse (Trevin)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has appointed a commission to release an official report in a month. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth has created a preliminary report that will be sent to “every member of that commission as well as to members of engineering faculties and professional associations throughout Iran.”

GOP Senator Proposes Political  Litmus Test for Iowa Universities (Reader Steve)

Iowa Senator Mark Chelgren believes that there are too many professors affiliated to one political party. Namely, the Democrats. Thus a potential hire would be blocked if their party affiliation would upset a bipartisan balance at state universities Thankfully Chelgren allowed for those registered as ‘no party’ not to be subject to the rule.

The False Belief That Anti-Semitism and Zionism Are Contradictory (Dan)

Trump’s Cabinet is filling up with people that are definitely pro-Israel and, on the other end, ostensibly anti-semitic. How does this occur? This article details the history of the Zionist movement and how strange bedfellows is not so uncommon.

Neil Gorsuch Sides with Big Business, Big Donors and Big Bosses (Jimmy)

On the important legal issues regarding economic and political power, US Supreme Court nominee Judge Gorsuch’s record shows he is on the side of the 1%.

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