Israel's 'Deepening Apartheid' ; US Government Targets Immigrant Rights Advocates ; and More Picks 4/29

Israel’s Nation-State Law to Unleash ‘Deepening Apartheid’ (Mili)

The author writes, “The re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu, a hard-right nationalist, as prime minister sets the scene for a new phase in an historic project to end the ‘demographic threat’ posed by Palestinian citizens of Israel to the Jewish majority.”

Arizona Utility Spent Big to Sway Election of Its Regulators (Rebecca)

From the Star Tribune: “Facing what it saw as a threat to its monopoly from a surging rooftop solar industry, Arizona’s largest utility secretly funneled millions of dollars to back favored candidates for the state commission regulating it.”  

Maryland Keeps a Model Prisoner Locked Up 15 Years Too Long (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Maryland is one of only three states that give its governor the power to reject a lifer for parole. And, because of that, dozens of inmates have stayed in prison far longer than they should have.”

The Government is Targeting Immigration Lawyers, Activists, and Reporters (Chris)

From the Boston Review: “A leaked Department of Homeland Security database confirms what many suspected: the U.S. government is actively trying to punish and intimidate people advocating for immigrant rights.”

America’s Elderly Are Twice as Likely to Work Now Than in 1985 (Chris)

The author writes, “Just as single-income families began to vanish in the last century, many of America’s elderly are now forgoing retirement for the same reason: They don’t have enough money. Rickety social safety nets, inadequate retirement savings plans and sky high health-care costs are all conspiring to make the concept of leaving the workforce something to be more feared than desired.”

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