Susan Collins, Brett Kavanaugh
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) is considered a long-shot "no" vote on the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the US Supreme Court. One of her constituents started a crowdfunding campaign that promises to bankroll her opponent if she votes for Kavanaugh. The campaign has received over 43,772 pledges to contribute that will be triggered if Collins votes yes. Collins claims this is bribery. Photo credit: Senate Republican Conference / Twitter

Crowdfunded Campaign to Get Collins to Vote Against Kavanaugh Raises Over $1.2 Million

Pipeline Companies to Seize Private Property ; George W. Bush Is Not Part of the ‘Resistance’ ...and More Picks

Pipeline Companies to Seize Private Property ; George W. Bush Is Not Part of the ‘Resistance’ ...and More Picks 9/13

Facebook Punishes Liberal News Site After Fact Check by Right-Wing Site (Jimmy)

The author writes, “Because the Weekly Standard is one of five news outlets that Facebook relies on to fact check articles posted by other sites, ThinkProgress was given the dreaded false rating, which could hurt ThinkProgress’s business by dramatically reducing referrals to the site.”

States Allow For-Profit Pipeline Companies to Seize Private Property (Reader Luke)

The author writes, “As the spoils of fracking and the Trump administration’s pro-drilling agenda increase demand for new fossil fuel infrastructure, private oil companies are seizing private property from landowners to build oil and gas pipelines across the country.”

As Democrats Urged to Dump All Documents, Booker Releases 50 More Pages Showing Kavanaugh May Have Committed Perjury (Jimmy)

The author writes, “As Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee face growing calls to bypass the GOP’s attempted cover-up and release all 200,000 pages of the so-called ‘committee confidential’ documents related to Trump Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh’s record, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) late Wednesday made public 50 more pages of material that add to the mountain of evidence suggesting Kavanaugh has committed perjury.”

Don’t Buy the Hype — George W. Bush Is Not a Part of the ‘Resistance’ to Trump (Reader Luke)

The author writes, “President George W. Bush’s time in office was plagued with scandal, unjust wars, and catastrophic mismanagement of federal agencies — but in light of President Donald Trump’s propensity to stoke a new controversy on a near daily basis, some look back fondly on Bush’s reign as a flawed, but more acceptable, instantiation of the Republican establishment.This is a huge mistake.”

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