Rio De Janeiro
In the News: An analysis by The Associated Press revealed last year’s Rio de Janeiro Olympics cost $13.1 billion, paid for with a mix of public and private money. Officials of Brazil’s Public Authority for Olympic Legacy stated at a news conference Wednesday, the cost for just the Olympic venues totaled  $2.06 billion. Additional costs totaled $8.2 billion for a subway line, a doping laboratory, a renovated port and cleanup of polluted Guanabara Bay. Photo credit: Ronald Woan / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Court Rules Against DAPL

A New Kind of Housing Crisis ; Saudi Arms Deal Almost Blocked ...and More Picks

A New Kind of Housing Crisis ; Saudi Arms Deal Almost Blocked ...and More Picks for 6/15

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List of Top 25 Airlines Includes None From US (Jeff C.)

AirHelp’s survey takes into account not just airlines’ approval rating, but also their performance. United came in at No. 29, the best among US carriers.

Court Rules Approval of DAPL Violated the Law (Trevin)

Says fishing and hunting rights, environmental justice, and the overall controversy of the pipeline’s effects were not considered.

Are You Unable to Afford Decent Housing? Welcome to the Club (Jimmy)

The author writes, “For many, it’s outrageous that this crisis is no longer confined to the bottom of the income ladder. ‘What do you mean that someone earning $20 an hour in LA wouldn’t be able to afford a 1 bedroom apartment?’, gasp those in the middle class.”

Rand Paul and Most Senate Democrats Almost Blocked Trump’s Saudi Arms Deal (Jimmy)

The author writes, “There can be no doubt that it is unconscionable for President Donald Trump to promote $110 billion in new arms sale to Saudi Arabia—a country that Human Rights Watch notes ‘has repeatedly used US weapons in attacks that are likely [to] constitute war crimes.’ But it is also unconscionable for members of Congress, especially Democrats, to aid and abet Trump’s wrongdoing.”


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