In the News: In 2015, nine members of an African-American church were murdered by a 21-year old white supremacist in Charleston, South Carolina. In response, the New Orleans City Council voted for removal of four local monuments to the confederacy. Judges in New Orleans will hear arguments today on why these monuments should be preserved. About these photos: "White League" monument, erected in 1891 to commemorate a victory by a white supremacist group over integrated Reconstruction government in 1874. Photo credit: Dorothea Lang / Library of Congress / Wikimedia and  tion of New Orleans / Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Clinton-Blumenthal Connection/New War Crime/And More

Majority of World Breathes Bad Air ; Trump and Clinton Vie for Israel's Support ; LA Sheriff’s Deputy Begs to Taze Man ...and More Picks

Majority of World Breaths Bad Air ; Trump and Clinton Vie for Israel's Support ; LA Sheriff’s Deputy Begs to Taze Man ...and More Picks

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The majority of World Breathes Dangerously (Milicent)

According to the World Health Organization, 92% of the world’s population lives in places where pollution levels exceed WHO limits. And it kills 3 million people a year.

Trump Praises Netayahu Publicly, Hillary Privately (Dan)

While Trump may have the mouth to match the lip service, Clinton is not to be outdone as evident in her private support for Netanyahu.

Destruction of Cultural Treasures Finally a War Crime (Russ)

For the first time ever, a combatant in a war crimes proceeding was found guilty of deliberately destroying a cultural site. That’s a big step forward in protecting the world’s threatened treasures.

Police Water Cannon Kills Famed South Korea Activst (Dan)

Baek Nam-gi, who had lead demonstratios againsnt South Korea’s military dictator Park Chung-hee, died while protesting Park’s daughter Geun-hye.

L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy: ‘Please, just let me taze this guy!’ (Trevin)

Video proof of deputies drawing their firearms without probable cause, illegally searching a vehicle — and their discussion of manufacturing a case after the fact to justify it  — was not enough for a jury to find in favor of the plaintiff in a civil case last week.


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