Centennial Celebration: The US National Park Service turns 100 today. About this photo: A view of the Grand Canyon National Park taken by Ansel Adams in 1942. In 1941,  Adams was commissioned to take photographs for a National Park Service project. A collection of those photos can be viewed at the National Archives Still Picture Branch.  Photo credit: US National Archives and Records Administration / Wikimedia

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Even Going Childless Won’t Stop Climate Catastrophe (Russ)

Fewer births worldwide would ease some pressures, but even that is too little too late when it comes to greenhouse emissions. The political discourse, therefore, says this article, is desperately inadequate.

Israel Clears Itself of Wrongdoing (Dan)

In three cases decided this week, in particular the 2014 bombing of a UN-run school, Israel cleared officers and itself of any wrongdoing.

Rush Limbaugh is Worried about Lesbian Farmers (Klaus)

For some reason, the conservative radio talker is worried about lesbians on the federal payroll taking up farming.

Trump, Driven By His Ego, Wastes Precious Time in Wrong States (Russ)

According to this reporter, Trump stays on after Red State fundraisers to bask in audience adulation. Instead, he needs to be disciplined and move on to battleground states.

Clinton Looks to Romney Donors (Dan)

Disaffected by Trump? Donate to Clinton. The question is: what do right-leaning Romney voters receive in return?

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